Flies are Coming!

Mon May 3, 2021

Flies are already showing up around our barns and livestock, so it appears that we might have a troublesome year of dealing with these pests.  Double L Feed has an outstanding selection of fly control options to keep your barns and livestock free of flies this hot summer.  There are a few different methods of control that include baits, traps, premise sprays, and direct contact sprays.


Baits are a great option to scatter in areas that aren't easily accessible for animals.  It is good to scatter on the ground around barns or in feed room areas.  I like to lay a feed sack down in my feed room and put bait down there.  When I have a large collection of flies, I just fold the bag up and toss away.  Most baits have an attractant that brings the flies in, and when they land on the bait, it becomes an automatic kill.    


Traps are a great option to use when you prefer not to use a chemical-based product.  The traps come in the form of a bag or a plastic jug.  There is an attractant inside and when activated with water, creates a smell that the flies swarm to!   They fly in and cannot get out.   When the traps become full you can either re-use by adding more attractant or throw the trap out.


There are several liquid sprays and concentrates available that do a great job at repelling and killing flies on contact.  It is important to always read the directions and warning labels.  Nearly all ready-to-use fly sprays are safe for all livestock and can be sprayed as directed.  


Many concentrates are premise control type sprays.  These can be sprayed on fences, barn walls, and areas that are occupied by animals.  Most of these sprays should not be sprayed directly on the animals.  


There are several options when it comes to fly control, and it is important for you to start your preferred methods of control early and frequently.  Stop by Double L Feed and visit with us regarding the brands and types of fly control that will help you maintain a fly-free summer.

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